• Irréversibles lumières

    Grand Palais

    Paris France
    Société des Artistes Décorateurs

    The glass dome of the Grand Palais breathes following the rhythm of the atomic clock of the Paris Observatory. Blue light with white sparkle spasms becomes an incongruous poetical impulse, the vital breath of a city, that although being beautiful, forgets sometimes to be merely alive.

    Yann Kersalé

    Creation of an original light art set for the Grand Palais in the event of the 54th Salon des Artistes Décorateurs ‘SAD 87’ following the theme ‘Creating one’s time’. It is altogether a dynamic light, a transparent signal in the night, the illustration of irreversibility of time.

  • Irréversibles lumières, Grand Palais, Paris - Yann Kersalé - croquis
Photos : © Yann Kersalé-SNAIK