• Objets Baccarat

    JALLUM, Light object in association with Baccarat crystal glassware

    La cristallerie Baccarat

    Jesouffl and Jallum are light objects created by Yann Kersalé that are manufactured and commercialized by Baccarat cristalware.

    The two objects are intended for an indoor/outdoor use.

    Jesouffl light objects can be positioned and shifted in different ways. They can create various temporary decors, used alone or in a group.

    These lights are set directly on the floor and work connected to a 220V charger indoors, and on a self powered battery outdoors.

    Jallum is a modular and nomad light object conceived for a table use. This object is an alliance of cristal and electroluminescent diodes proposed for both indoor and outdoor use. It works similarly to Jessoufl.


  • Objet baccarat - Jallum - Yann Kersalé - dessin 2
  • Objet baccarat - Je souffle - Yann Kersalé - dessin
  • Objet baccarat - Jallum - Yann Kersalé - dessin
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