• Siderxénon

    Caen France
    Steel Processing Plant of Normandie

    The high furnace has a light in the same manner as it has a legend.
    Both, distant and deep, caught in the heart of hell, seal the same mystery. These tamed telluric forces are not on stage : the mastered fury fascinates the observer before burning his eyes.

    Yann Kersalé

    Light expedition carried out for the industrial site of the Société Métallurgique de Normandie. It is restituting the burning that the populations was used to seeing. Two very powerful projectors equipped with concentrated mirrors and placed at the tip of one of the high furnaces, are swiping the whole of the site with light tracks that a set of mirrors on the ground bounces back towards the sky. Their extremely white light in the midst of the gigantic panache of smoke contrasts with the intense yellow of the material in fusion.

  • Siderxénon, Société Métalurgique de Normandie - Croquis- Yann Kersalé
Photos : © Yann Kersalé-SNAIK