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    Peace Footbridge

    Seoul South Korea
    Rudy Ricciotti

    It is the story of a tension, an insolent curve, soft and generous. In order to see this beautiful tension at night, the idea is to create a ‘live light vapor’, occupying the space between the ark and the water. A light, a sort of ‘electric cushion’, through the fluctuating numerous colored tones, tells every night the magic of this troubling curve and its fine elegance.

    Yann Kersalé

    Project developed in the background of the Year 2000 Mission. Groups of projectors placed on each bank of the river Han make a water vapor appear underneath this arch of a perfect tension, following a program of colors.

  • Vaps - Passerelle de la Paix, Séoul, Corée - Yann Kersalé - Croquis
Photos : © Yann Kersalé-SNAIK